Advancing Arts Education Schools

Historical Context

The Florida Department of Education supports a complete and comprehensive education that includes dance, music, theater, and visual arts for all Florida students. The Advancing Arts Education (AAE) program recognizes schools with underserved/emerging arts programs who desire to develop or enhance their programs.   One school will be selected from each of the three regions of Florida:  North, Central, and South.


  • Definition of Underserved/Emerging Schools
  • Application Scoring Rubric
  • Advancing Arts Education Partnership Agreement Form
  • Letter of Agreement

Application Sections

As an AAE School, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with an expert consultant(s) in the field of arts and arts integration techniques in developing a plan designed to develop or enhance an arts program in your school.

AAE School Responsibilities

  1. AAE schools must send one designated staff member for each content area in which you will receive support along with one school-based administrator to the 2020 Florida Alliance for Arts Education (FAAE) Annual Leadership Summit. The Summit will be held June 25-27, 2020 at the Westin Cape Coral, Lee County, FL.
  2. During the Summit:
    Implement all activities outlined in the AAE Plan during the 2020-2021 school year.

    • Attend the two AAE School Program Overview Sessions.
    • Attend the four Collaborative AAE-Consultant Planning Sessions.
    • Submit an AAE Collaborative Arts Plan to FAAE at the conclusion of the Summit.
    • Submit an AAE Collaborative Arts Plan Budget to FAAE at the conclusion of the Summit.
  3. Collaborate with your consultant on the submission of an Interim Partnership Report by November 15, 2020.
  4. Collaborate with your consultant on the submission of a Final Partnership Report by April 30, 2021.
  5. Submission of exemplary units of instruction/lesson plans to FAAE for publication on the CPALMS website and available for use by the Florida Department of Education.

Grant Funding

The Florida Alliance for Arts Education provides funding to AAE schools through the Arts for a Complete Education grant. Grant funds will be allocated to support the one-year partnership with the consultant, contingent upon receipt of legislative funding each year.  The grant supports awards of $5000 per AAE designation.

Fund Payments

The Florida Alliance for Arts Education will distribute $5000 to the AAE School for use in providing professional development for teachers and administrators and for purchasing student materials.  The consultants assigned to each school will be paid directly by the FAAE through the ACE Grant and will not receive any of the $5000 for the AAE School.

Partnership and Budget Planning

Grant funds will support at least one staff representative from each AAE school and  one school-based administrator along with one expert consultant chosen by the FAAE to collaborate in a face-to-face training session June 25-27, 2020 for the purposes of developing the plan for the AAE School Program and Budget and for receiving professional development. This will include up to two nights of hotel expenses (for each person) and travel reimbursement, per state travel policy (.445/mile), to and from the Westin Cape Coral in Lee County, FL. If funding for the AAE program were to be cut by the legislature, schools must still implement their plan. However, plans may be modified to account for the lack of funds.

Recognition Fund Accountability

It will be the responsibility of AAE designee to provide details of all recognition fund usage as part of two Reports to be submitted to FAAE during the designation period. Each report must include an expenditure log, copies of all receipts, a summary of professional development activities, and evidence of student impact. The first report is due to FAAE on or before November 15, 2020, and the second report is due on or before April 30, 2021.  Any unused funds must be returned at the end of the designation year.

Acceptable Use of Recognition Funds

  • All Funds must be used to support the development or enhancement of arts programs in the designated AAE school.
  • Travel reimbursement to and from other schools for the purposes of observing, participating in, or developing exemplary arts lessons and for training. This includes the state rate for mileage (.445) and reimbursement for any necessary substitutes.
  • Costs of professional development related to arts or arts integration techniques and practices.
  • Materials for the emerging/rural school (e.g. art materials, hand percussion instruments, music, books, flash drives, arts-specific software, and miscellaneous technology such as digital brushes and pens.)
  • Enrichment or implementation of an activity or program at the designated AAE school. This includes after school arts activities such as, but not limited to, focused specific arts training (i.e., multiple group lessons for a student learn how to pain a landscape, a multi-day workshop or training sessions on jazz or dance improvisation) or an artistic production (e.g., a musical production or creation of an after school reggae band.)

Non-acceptable Use of Recognition Funds

  • Computer hardware including tablets, laptops or desktop computers and cell phones
  • Registration costs to attend FAAE-sponsored events
  • Food and/or beverage costs

Further information about the application process can be obtained by contacting Leiland Theriot, Executive Director for FAAE, via e-mail at, or by phone at (941) 266-7316.

Special Thanks
A special thanks to the following associations for their assistance in developing the Florida Arts Model Schools program and reviewing applications: