Arts Achieve! Model Schools

This Florida Department of Education sponsored program is in its last year. The final seven designees were honored at the FAAE Arts Leadership Summit in June 2014. Arts Achieve! Schools are recognized for a three-year period. These schools have agreed to open their doors to visitors who wish to enhance and/or affirm their arts education practices.

These schools chose to participate in the Arts Achieve! Model School program so that they could share best practices and success with the arts with others. The school profiles below are a brief introduction to the schools. If you would like additional information you may contact the school principal directly or contact FAAE.

2012 - 2015 Arts Achieve! Schools

2014 - 2017 Arts Achieve! Schools

Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

County: Palm Beach
Number of Students: 1310

Address: 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, West Palm Beach Fl, 33402
Phone: 561-802-6000
School Website:

Principal: Dr. Susan Atherley

Superintendent: Wayne Grant
Phone: 561-434-8200

School Board President: Frank Barbieri
Phone: 561-434-8136

School District Spokesperson: Natalia Powers
Phone: 561-434-8228

Type of School: Arts Magnet, Visual and Performing Arts, School of Choice
Grade Levels: 9 -12

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

Visual Arts: 6
Music: 6
Theatre: 6
Dance: 3

A View of Dreyfoos:
A primary goal at Dreyfoos School of the Arts is to achieve total integration of the arts with academics. For example, Language Arts is reflected in the Communication Arts department, where students may advance their study of langauge arts in courses such as Speech, Debate, Journalism, TV Production, Film, and Creative Writing. The theatre department regularly interfaces with academic classes in Langauge Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics with classes in Theatre History and Literature, Scenic and Lighting Design, and Acting. Geometry and algebra must be utilized in the building of scenery as well as the determination of appropriate lighting instruments to use in a production. All students at the school -- including the 15 percent on the free or reduced lunch program, the 5 percent in ESE and the 33 percent Gifted -- are follow and academic path that is closely intertwined with their selected Art Area for the entire four years they spend at Dreyfoos.

Measuring Arts Achievement:
As appropriate to their artistic discipline, students are evaluated by both individual portfolio/performance evaluations monitored by professional arts instructors and the students' participation in local, state and national competitions.


Booker Middle School

2250 Myrtle Street, Sarasota, FL. 34234
Phone: (941) 359-5824
Fax: 941-359-5898

Principal: LaShawn Frost

Superintendent: Lori White
Phone: (941)927-9000

School Board President: Shirley Brown
Phone: 941-927-9000

North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts

County: Lee
Number of Students: 1003

Address: 1856 Arts Way, North Fort Myers Florida 33917
Phone: 239-997-2131
School Website:

Principal: Dr. Douglas Santini

Superintendent: Greg Adkins
Phone: 239-337-8503

School Board President: Thomas Scott
Phone: (863) 802-5483

District Media Relations Rep: Joseph Donzelli
Phone: 239-461-8420

Type of School: Visual and Performing Arts, School of Choice, Title 1

Grade Levels: K – 8

Our Arts Teaching Team includes:

Visual Arts: 3
Music: 3
Theatre: 1
Dance: 2
Additional Arts Teachers: 3

A View of North Fort Myers:
North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts is a Title 1 K-8 public school within Florida's Lee County School District that provides all of its elementary and middle school students access to its arts program infused into the students' academic curriculum, widely encouraging its students to commit to learning an art well and to participate in its many school and community performances. Our current total school population is 1003 students with 532 of those in elementary. All elementary and middle school students participate in NFMAA's Art Program, even those with physical or mental limitations, for which accommodations are provided per their respective Individual Education Plans (IEP's). As well, ELL students receive accommodations during specials. All ELL and ESE students, including those in self-contained ESE classrooms, combine with students from the regular education classrooms, 77% of whom receive free or reduced school lunch, while participating in NFMAA's Arts program. At the middle school level, NFMAA permits students to participate in a minimum of one art elective with a maximum of 3 possible from the Arts programs depending on academic progress and placement.

Measuring Arts Achievement:
Student achievement in the arts is measured and monitored through the use of several different methods. Each discipline has developed its own assessment methodology which supports the specific needs of the discipline. Visual Arts: Visual arts students are assessed through the use of teacher created rubrics, student self-evaluations, semester final exams, juried shows, writing assignments, goal folders, portfolios and district common assessments. Music(chorus, strings, band, etc.): Music students are assessed through the use of teacher created rubrics, performance evaluations, adjudicated performances, and district common assessments. Dance: Dance students are evaluated through the use of teacher designed rubrics, written tests on general dance knowledge, movement tests(including flexibility, keeping time, stage presence, and quality of movement), district common assessments, and adjudicated performances. Drama: Drama students are assessed through the use of teacher created rubrics; teacher designed written tests, auditions, district common assessments, participation in school-wide performances and adjudicated performances.

No profile information available.

Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School

Magnet Coordinator and Assistant Principal: Michael Vasallo

No profile information available.

South Miami Middle Community School Center for the Arts

County: Miami-Dade County School District
Number of Students: 934
Number of Magnet Students: 706 Magnet Students

Address: 6750 SW 60th St, Miami, Fl 33143

Phone: (305) 661-3481
School Website:
Magnet Website:

Principal: Juan Carlos Boue

Superintendent: Alberto M. Carvalho
Phone: (305) 995-1430

School Board Chair: Perla Tabares Hantman

Students served:

Hispanic: 693
White: 142
Black 70
Asian: 19
Indian: 1
Multi-Racial: 5

Male: 382
Female: 552

Our Magnet Arts Teaching Team includes:

Band - 1 Director
Broadcast Arts & Tech 1 Teacher/1Technician
Chorus - 1 Director
Dance - 1 Director
Orchestra - 1 Director
Photography - 1 Teacher
Theatre - 1 Director
Visual Arts - 2 Teachers


Band, Chorus and Orchestra students receive two classes per day; one performing class and one theory class. Students that are advanced with their theory skills, receive two performing classes in place of their one theory class. Broadcast, Dance, Photography, Theatre and Visual Arts students receive two classes, double-blocked, for continuity, subject specialty and time management.



The students who are accepted into the Magnet Arts Program at South Miami Middle Community School Center for the Arts are guided through their specific arts education with this statement as their main focus. Our teachers are constantly working to advance the students in their commitment to their art, as well as being supportive of their academic instruction. The talent and commitment of our teachers, along with the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of our students, makes for an amazing result. The support and cooperation we receive from our administration, academic faculty, and entire school staff creates an environment of success and unity.


A visit to our school will excite the visitor as they see students in costume going over their lines for a show, or dancing and leaping through the air in leotards for dance class. The visitor will see students filming, taking photos, and creating artwork throughout the campus, while at the same time, instruments and voices can be heard making beautiful music all over the campus. The creativity can be seen and heard in every area at South Miami Middle School!


South Miami Middle School is one of the most sought after magnet programs in Miami-Dade County. The students come from all over Miami-Dade County with the hopes of attending our magnet program. The audition process is a talent-based process, that is very program specific and only for the truly dedicated. Our magnet students are held to a higher standard, due to the rigorous schedules of their programs. Therefore, they are taught the discipline that is necessary to balance their talent and their academic schedules so they can be successful and move on to their next Challenge. Our students have been very successful in continuing their dreams as they move on to the high school level we have one of the highest acceptance rates of students applying for magnet high schools in the county.