Florida Alliance for Arts Education seeks committed board members to direct the work of the organization and provide connections in the community.

Board members must:

  • Believe in FAAE's vision (For every child in every school to have a well-rounded education that includes a comprehensive, sequential, high-quality program of arts instruction; and for all Florida communities to have broad-based cultural programs available to support lifelong learning in and through the arts.)
  • Reside in Florida - FAAE seeks regional representation across the state.
  • Have some prior involvement with FAAE (member, attended an event, volunteered, etc.)
  • Possess connections in the community or state (such as business, schools, government) that may lead to funding opportunities for the organization, and be willing to share those connections
  • (Optional) Possess nonprofit expertise and/or expertise in the field of arts education

Please note: Board members must join FAAE at the annual Board Member rate of $100, and are expected to connect FAAE staff and executive committee to other funding opportunities. If this financial contribution is a barrier, a liaison or advisory position may be possible instead.  

Board meetings are held online via Zoom on Wednesdays at 4:30pm, 4-5 times per year (typically January, April, July, & October).

Apply below.