Support the Seal of Fine Arts and the Arts and Second Language information

Our state representatives and senators are working tirelessly on the state budget which will go into effect on July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

This week is our best time to be recognized and discussed. Many bills have started their movements through committees, where they are “killed” or passed to the next committee.

Funding was cut with other “educational enhancements” on June 29, 2020, due to the coronavirus shut downs. We are requesting that you write to your delegates during the week of MARCH 16-19 and ask them to vote in favor of this appropriation.

Download this sample letter for your use.

Please write if you have ever been the recipient of one of our awards or have participated in our programs (FAMS, Advancing Arts Ed, Careers in the Arts, CPALMS).

It is especially important that our legislators hear FROM YOU about how the FAAE has had an effect on arts education in your schools. Invite your friends and families to write as well.

Write to your legislative delegates in support of these arts education bills:

  1.  ACE Grant (Arts for a Complete Education) SB LFIR 1032 (Gruters) HB 3285 (McFarland)
  2. Seal of Fine Arts SB 1740 (Rouson) HB 1375 (Diamond)
  3. Arts and Second Language SB LFIR 1655 (Bracy) HB 2051 (Morales)

Find your delegates here:


Please support these bills that have an effect on our community arts education organizations and programs:

  1. Nonprofit Property Tax Exemptions SB 1214 (Gruters) HB 889 (Borrero)
  2. Grants for arts/culture through Division of Cultural Affairs, at full funding DCA GRANTS

View your local funding requests.

When advocating for public schools, if you are employed in the system, you are advised to use your home email or address in any correspondence with your delegates.

Thank you all in advance for advocating for arts education!