Florida Alliance for Arts Education

Since 1981, FAAE has worked to bring schools and communities together to improve, enhance and promote lifelong learning, in and through the arts, from birth through adulthood.

This summer, we have refreshed our logo and brand to reflect who we are today and more fully represent our vision for Florida. The new logo provides a more modern look and captures our mission and identity in three ways.

Why This Logo Represents FAAE

  • The woven lines of the letters FAAE symbolize the way the arts connect our schools, communities, and lives.
  • The diversity of colors reflects the diversity of the arts as well as cultures, communities, and ideas.
  • The specific colors are reminiscent of a Florida sunset over the water, showcasing our unique and beautiful state.

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As we work to advance arts education, together, please reach out – let us know how we can better serve you in your work.

For every child in every school – and for all Florida communities.

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